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01 Data & Analytics


Data Strategy

Tailored roadmap to realise the full potential of enterprise data, turning organisations into data driven businesses.

Big Data

Design and build modern data platforms on cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) & hybrid architecture

Data Integration

 Integrate data across the organisation to remove data silos for batch & real time streaming use cases.

Data Governance

Increase security and integrity of data across the organisation and automate data operations adopting right data governance practices.

Data Engineering

Design and build the data pipelines to ensure availability of data through Data Engineering capabilities

Data Quality

A data quality framework across the organisation to improve data quality and confidence on the insights generated from data.

Visualisation and BI

Make your data speak with intuitive dashboards from market leaders enabling you to interpret data and gather insights.

Data Warehouse

With the right design and build aggregate all your business critical operational data to feed into your business intelligence use cases.



Correct use of processes, people, tools, technology, and framework to reduce the time to insights from enterprise data.

Managed Services

A complete range of services across data platforms, data-warehouses and hadoop platforms with full accountability and ongoing support models.

02 Artificial Intelligence


AI Roadmap

Define and deliver a tailored roadmap for organisations of all maturity levels in AI adoption, to successfully achieve AI enabled business outcome.

Data Science

Use scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to generate actionable insights( Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive) from noisy, structured and unstructured data

Machine Learning

Leverage various algorithms to support use cases like, predict and prevent customer churn, build customer segments or cohorts based on behaviour, allowing to provide them with personalised services, etc.

Data Mining

Discover usable information from array of datasets, otherwise obscure or unknown and using it to unearth and uncovered patterns.

Feature Engineering

Help you to select and transform the most relevant variables from raw data when creating a predictive model using machine learning.

ML Ops

Help you to deploy and maintain machine learning models in production reliably and efficiently.



Use natural language processing techniques to analyse huge volumes of natural language data to uncover insights and identify patterns.

Text Mining

Use natural language processing and text mining techniques for detecting positive or negative sentiment in text, social media response to brand, workforce engagement metrics, etc.


03 Cloud Adoption


Multi cloud data strategy

Multi cloud strategy for Optimized ROI, Superior Security, Low Latency, Autonomy and being less disaster prone.

Workload migration to cloud

Reduce cost of fixed capacity infrastructure, take advantage of a pay-per-use cost model, cloud-native services, high scalability etc. 

On prem to cloud migration

Move digital assets like data from on premise to cloud. 

Cloud to cloud migration

Roadmap and plan for cloud to cloud migration.


Cloud Datawarehouse

Migrate your on-premise data-warehouse on to cloud or set up a new data-warehouse on cloud.

Native cloud Microservices

Embrace rapid change, large scale, and resilience with native cloud microservices.

Serverless functions

Go stateless, server-side functions that are event-driven, scalable, and fully managed by cloud providers.


Create and deploy applications faster and more securely.